• Helping small and mid size business leaders to evolve individually, as a team and as a business.

  • Leading a business successfully through growth requires leaders to evolve, often transforming their philosophies, skills and practices to keep pace with the changing demands of staff, customers and shareholders.


    E2A provides briefings, training, workshops and programmes to support leaders and boards through stages of growth - helping them to evolve individually, as a team and as a business.


    These services address the most common issues experienced by leaders of midsize business turning over between £20 and $100m. However we do help smaller businesses with a programme structured for those turning over <£10m.


    Our solutions are informed by three inputs: experience, expertise and current research. This combination allows us to deliver services that work, provide value, are realistic and use fresh ideas and thinking.


    And as the team behind the unprecedented 2019 UK Mid Size Business Leadership Study we have unique access to the latest MSB leaders insights and an extensive network within the mid size business community.

  • Services

    We have four ways to deliver services: briefings, training, workshops and programmes. All are intervention based, designed to lift internal capabilities rather than create a dependancy on us or any external advisor. All can be taken independently although some have greater impact taken sequentially.


    Reveal what will keep you and your team motivated to take the business to the next level


    There's no point in having a vision for your business if you don't know how to get there


    Growth can be achieved through a spectrum of efforts and well directed resources

    Innovation & Improvement

    Innovation isn't 'one-off', it's the lens you look through, systems you use and the way you behave

    Technology & Productivity

    Understand, demystify, and adopt technology and Industry 4.0 to increase productivity

    Workforce, Skills & Talent

    Solutions to attract, secure and retain staff during a skills & talent shortage

    SME Virtual NED

    A structured programme for SME leaders to take their business to the next level sustainably

    Executive Briefings

    Clarifying roles and bringing a fresh perspective to increase the capability of directors

  • "Sharing their expertise and experiences dramatically increased the quality of the debate and E2A left us with the tools, ammunition and team buy-in to implement independently"

    FJ Rutjes, Director HeyHo Lets Go and Former Chief Innovation Officer, Unilabs

    "E2A is energising and inspirational, yet very down to earth and generous with practical advice, tools and learnings"

    Patricia Keating, Programme Lead TechManchester and Diversity Lead UK Fast

    "E2A was independent, thorough and helped us understand the foundations needed to grow and scale".

    Angela Yore, Founder, Sky Parlour

    "They elevated the structures and systems we needed to raise finance, scale and clearly understood from experience the priorities of an SME.

    Simon Swan, Founder and CEO, Hiring Hub

    "Smart people, who moved the business forward, working with us, instead of 'consulting to us'. They helped us tackle some big obstacles - some we didn't even know we had."

    Michael Higginbottom, Founder and CEO, Fixter

    "E2A not only have the latest IP and intelligence relating to mid size business, they led it"

    David Spicer, Dean, Salford Business School

    "I've already recommended E2A to two friends who require input into taking that next jump into that next stage of growth in their business.

    Debbie Allman, Co-Founder and Director, Strategic North

    "E2A is the type of advisory the world needs: they posses a strong moral compass and genuine commitment to helping people and teams move forward, even when it's difficult."

    Yolande Abeling, Head of Marketing ANZ, Cisco

    "E2A is deeply committed to supporting the midsize market. They understand their issues and what's needed to address them. E2A are strong advocates for the segment and believe in contributing something lasting to the regional economy."

    Laura Harper, Partner, Shoosmiths

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