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MSBs more supportive of external social tools for workplace collaboration

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Large companies and MSBs use business social tools — such as intranets, video conferencing and social networks — in dramatically different ways, leading to very different selling motions and partner opportunities.

The study, conducted by research firm Ipsos among nearly 10,000 end users at MSBs and large companies in 32 countries, found that, in addition to using solutions such as intranets and instant messaging services, MSBs are more likely to utilize multiple external social tools for professional purposes. Large companies, on the other hand, are more likely to deploy fewer, more prevalent collaboration tools.

Other unique differences called out in the study include the following:

  • Although the top use for social tools in both large companies and MSBs is communicating with colleagues (selected by seven in 10 of all end users surveyed), those at smaller companies use social tools for a broader range of tasks, including communicating with customers, clients or vendors and researching customers, clients and competitors. In contrast, end users are large companies are more likely to use social tools for finding an expert of information within their company.
  • Barriers to adoption still exist across large companies and MSBs. For both groups, security concerns (71 percent of end users at large companies vs. 60 percent of MSBs end users) and productivity loss (58 percent at large companies vs. 59 percent at MSBs) were identified as the top risks.
  • End users at large companies are more likely to say their IT department can be a barrier to using social tools (41 percent at large companies vs. 36 percent at MSBs).
  • Those at large companies are also more likely to say social tools are restricted at their workplace because of concerns about company image (27 percent vs. 21 percent at MSBs) or data loss (25 percent at large companies vs. 22 at MSBs).

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