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Tech Manchester & NED on Board Panel

Insight on board effectiveness

· Boards,Strategy,Growth,Innovation,Productivity

Tech Manchester and NEDonBoard hosted Breakfast to discuss:

  • The Role of, and How to be, an Effective NED;
  • The Importance of Diversity on Boards;
  • The Need for Innovation on Boards.

There is a growing army of Non-Executive Directors (NED) out there; experienced business leaders looking to explore portfolio careers. This was the topic of discussion at Tech Manchester’s Non Executive Breakfast in partnership with NedOnBoard on Tuesday at UKFast Campus.

Introductions from Tech Manchester Programme Lead, Patricia Keating. Our speakers for this event were:

• Sarah McKenna, Chair of MSB Leaders Former CEO

• Sally Penni, Common Law Barrister with Kenworthy Chambers

• Mike Perls, CEO of MC2

• Joe Hall, Chair of Bako NW Group

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