• Leader Briefings & Workshops

  • Be more informed and make better decisions

    Leader Briefings & Workshops are a hybrid of education and intervention. Focusing on the most current, critical concepts leaders of small and mid size business must have knowledge of in order to lead well, these half and full day sessions are fast paced, engaging and practical.


    They allow leaders, leadership-teams and boards to update their philosophies, ingest fresh ideas, adopt current research and demystify contemporary topics to make better decisions.


    You will leave the session with a thorough understanding of the concept, access to new and latest research and approaches to the topic and tools to advance the topic internally and independently.


    Session range from £1500 to £3000 and topics include:



    Challenging what's possible, not what's probable to set, align on and articulate ambition



    Using ideology to drive growth, productivity and to attract and retain better staff



    Sanity not vanity - applying customer, employee and operational data to grow


    Strategy and planning

    Understanding the difference, a new lens, better approaches and practical tools



    New options and better models for structure within small and mid size business



    Using science to attracting and retaining staff and board members in a skills & talent shortage


    Innovation and improvement

    Know the difference to grow and evolve and contemporary approaches to both



    Demystifying digitisation, transformation and emerging technologies (data, AI and machine learning) and how to what to expect for your ROI



    The real drivers of productivity for mid size business and why tech is just one aspect



    Strategies to regain and maintain control through growth


    Projects and routine operation

    How to realistically evolve and transform mid size business



    New sources and approaches to growth: could they be for your business?


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