• Keynotes and Panels

    Our team - and network - are accomplished professionals with impressive credentials and qualifications. They are available to speak at conferences and participate in panels reflecting our core areas of expertise.


    Previous keynotes:


    Latest research

    • Implications of the 2019 Midsize Business Leaders Study
    • Brexit implications for mid size business
    • The value MSBs bring to the UK economy


    Business and mid size business

    • Understanding mid size business: The UK's greatest economic engine
    • Mid size business 2020: Latest priorities, issues and opportunities
    • Level up: Managing transitions from small to mid size business
    • Power of the Inner Crowd: Using employee crowd sourcing to innovate
    • Innovation and  improvement: Know the difference to grow
    • Engaging panels members for summits and conferences



    • Why ageing is businesses' greatest diversity risk
    • Navigating the C-suite for women
    • 10 things to tell our daughters about business: How to lead and be happy


    Board specific:

    • The road to becoming a non-executive director
    • Contemporary issues facing non-executive directors
    • The real drivers of board effectiveness
    • A new concept of Board for mid size business
    • Why ageing is the board's greatest diversity risk


    Northwest specific:

    • Understanding northwest mid size business: The region's greatest economic engine
    • Understanding the convergence of the NorthWest Independent Prosperity Review, 2019 Mid Size Business Leaders' Study and the Local Industrial Strategy - what leaders of business need to know
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