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  • Mid size business needed someone in their corner, so we stepped up

    We knew traversing the steep incline from a small to medium size business and then leading once you got there presented incredibly unique challenges and opportunities for leaders and boards.


    We knew, because we had led businesses through these stages and faced these challenges.


    We were frustrated by the plentiful resources tailored for start ups and the dearth of support for large enterprise, but mid size was squarely stuck in a no-mans-land.


    We had a hypotheses that if MSBs got support and resources that targeted their unique challenges and leveraged their inherent positive characteristics then they could be more successful and sustainable.


    MSB success was important to us as we are based in Manchester and most regional economies, including the north west, rely heavily on MSBs as employers and social contributors. We are raising children in this economy so have a vested interest in strengthen the economy and reducing the prosperity gap across the nation.


    Three years later, over £100k invested and we produced an unprecedented study of MSBs to provide empirical evidence of their unique needs and a classification to inform Government economy policy and investment.

  • The 2019 UK Mid Size Business Leadership Study

    Compulsory reading for midsize business leaders or SMEs breeching the category.


    The UK Mid Size Business Leadership Study is now available click on the link below to download your copy.


    This will take you to the dedicated MSBLeaders site.


    This report is free.

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